GDPR comes into effect in May 2018, and as part of our ‘Countdown to Compliance’ initiative ICO Systems is issuing monthly broadcasts outlining the actions that many businesses will need to take.

Even Big Companies Can Get it Wrong

News of the data breach at American firm Equifax earlier this month and 44 million Britons’ personal details feared stolen is a truly worrying event (Review Telegraph Article). What it does demonstrate, along with other hacks like TalkTalk Business in October 2015, is that complacency is at the heart of their poor cyber security measures, and their failure to recognise the level of threats that exist today.
In our first blog, we began with an overview of what GDPR is and how it has far-reaching implications for every business, with no business being exempt regardless of size, industry or longevity. Review our GDPR blog to discover the facts.

Even though GDPR compliance is important, it is not the only reason why your business should deploy strong security measures to meet the challenges of today’s threat landscape.

Last month we wrote about how enterprise grade security in the form of APT Blocker is now affordable for small and medium sized businesses and why your cyber security measures should include it. Review our firewall blog.

In this blog, we continue to look at what defence an enterprise grade firewall should be able to offer small to medium businesses against Cyber-crime, in the form of Threat Detection and Response.

Threat Detection and Response (TDR)

As the name suggests, TDR detects when a threat lands on your network and responds based on the level of risk that the threat represents. TDR is a powerful collection of advanced malware defence tools that correlate threat indicators from certain firewalls and software sensors installed on your computers to stop known, unknown and evasive malware threats.

Why do you need TDR? Through packing, encryption, and polymorphism, cyber criminals are able to disguise their attacks to avoid detection. Zero day threats and advanced malware easily slip by antivirus solutions that are simply too slow to respond to the constant stream of emerging threats. TDR offers organisations of all sizes a solution that leverages a holistic approach to security from the network to the endpoint.

Key Benefits

  • Improves security against advanced malware attacks, including ransomware
  • Correlates network and endpoint insight for enterprise-grade threat visibility
  • Scores threats indicators and incidents based on severity to guide response
  • Tight integration with APT Blocker for advanced threat triage
  • Works alongside existing antivirus solutions with no impact on endpoint performance
  • Decreases time to detection and remediation through policy-based automation

TDR collects and correlates threat event data from the firewall and software sensors installed on computers. It analyses this data in the cloud using enterprise-grade threat intelligence feeds to generate a comprehensive score and prioritisation based on threat severity.


What’s next

In our next blog we will look at what can be done to prevent data loss once a breach has occurred.

Who and what is ICO Systems?

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