Our job is to make your IT visibly invisible and this is very much one of ICO Systems USP’s.

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) can automatically deploy remedial actions the moment it detects something is not working as it should, requiring zero effort from you to solve the issue.

We are continually expanding our unique library of remedial actions so that many common IT issues can be corrected before they become problems and, more importantly, before they have to identified manually. Our 24/7 monitoring tools can detect when your systems are running outside of our pre-set thresholds and our tools can automatically execute a sequence of remedial actions to fix the issue at hand. Rather than waiting for an engineer to respond or waiting for the next maintenance window, our system self-heal processes fix issues in real time. Our dashboard alerts us to the status of system self-healing and the automated processes that are being used to resolve any issues.

An example of an automatic remedial action could be restarting DHCP to enable users to login or restarting DNS so that users can browse the internet.

Despite the effectiveness of our Proactive Management and System Self-Heal, there will be times when you need the help on one of our engineers and to make use of our Rapid 24/7 Support.


To discuss how System Self-Heal can help your business, speak to one of our Account Managers on 01473 211330 today.

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