To find how we can best optimise your IT infrastructure there are two key stages to our on-boarding process. These are our Health Audit and Fit for Business Check, which are detailed below.

Our on-boarding process is all about establishing how we can transform your IT infrastructure in a way that allows us to monitor and optimise your system’s cornerstones of performance; reliability, security and efficiency. In doing so, we aim to save you time, money and ensure that your devices are optimised for as long as possible. That’s how we deliver real value.


The Health Audit

We deploy auditing software which tells us a lot about the IT infrastructure you have, what it is and how well it is performing. Details of your hardware and software are collated at our Network Operations Centre (NOC) as we build a picture of your IT estate.

The Health Audit focuses on the three cornerstones of Performance, Reliability and Security of your IT systems.


Fit for Business Check

Our Fit for Business check goes further than the auditing of your IT estate. It looks at whether your Tech is doing the job it is supposed to. There are no shortcuts to this process and its success is down to spending the time with you to understand your business and the roles that IT plays within it.

The Fit for Business check takes a strategic look at your IT and asks the question “Does it give your business a competitive edge?” We are committed to helping your IT infrastructure grow your business which is why our on-boarding process is thorough and comprehensive.

The Fit for Business Check focuses on the forth cornerstone of Efficiency. It’s a holistic review of your core IT systems, the role they play, and the strategic benefit they offer your business. We look at what is needed for those core systems to perform at the level you need.

The check includes, but is not limited to, the assessment of:

  • The specification and configuration of your servers, PCs and portable devices.
  • The software applications in use.
  • The backup and disaster recovery measures in place.
  • The breadth and depth of your system security.
  • The nature and performance of your local and wide area networks.
  • The flexibility of the IT working environment and the empowerment of staff.

At the end of the check:

  • We have a thorough understanding of your IT infrastructure and the role it plays within your business.
  • We are able to identify where your IT infrastructure is strong and where improvements should be targeted.
  • We can work strategically with you to maximise the benefit of your IT systems.


To discuss how a Health Audit and Fit for Business Check can benefit your business speak to one of our Account Managers on 01473 211330 today.

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