When you are looking for an IT support partner, ICO Systems should be top of your list and here’s why. Our support underpins the four cornerstones of all great IT systems.

Performance – Making sure that your systems are running at an optimised capacity and free of errors is key for any IT system.
Reliability – Your IT systems need to be as resilient as commercially possible, so that you avoid points of failure that can cause you periods of downtime
Security – This is one of the fastest growth areas for IT provision as the threats to IT systems have escalated to unparalleled heights. IT security has to be planned in at the ground level to ensure that your entire IT system is safe and secure.
Efficiency – We makes sure that your IT system operates as efficiently as possible, ensuring that it works to save you time whenever possible.

If you are looking for an IT support service that is comprehensive and works to save you time and optimises and protects your IT infrastructure, ICO Systems offers an enterprise class solution unmatched in quality.

How do we do this?

We offer a full IT support service focusing on the following areas:
Customer on-boarding – We get to know your IT and your business in detail.
24/7 Monitoring – We track the performance of your equipment and systems in real-time.
Proactive Management – We schedule automated system maintenance, updates and patches when you are not using your IT.
System Self-Heal – We can fix things automatically.
Rapid 24/7 Support – When you need us we are there! On the phone, on your device, and on-site.


Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) utilises enterprise-class technology to audit, monitor and manage Windows® devices, security equipment and software, server/data backups and network infrastructure.

We install a small piece of software on each Windows® Server and PC that we are to monitor and proactively manage. We refer to the software as the NOC Agent. The NOC Agent communicates with our NOC servers sending real-time information about the health and performance of each device under management. The NOC Agent has a very light footprint and does not affect the performance of your Server and PCs.

For other devices and software, we have a range of integration utilities that send real-time data to our NOC servers.
As part of our on-boarding process, we can set performance thresholds for the devices under management. If any of these thresholds are breached, we automatically get notified.

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