Our IT Services go hand in hand with our IT Support. Where our IT Support looks at optimising and protecting your existing IT systems, our IT services focus on delivering efficiency and effectiveness often through change.

Our IT services are extensive and bespoke, they range from the simple to the very complex.

At the simplest level, our existing customers treat us as their IT department and expect everything to be sorted by a single phone call. Whether it’s a new member of staff starting and needing to be fully integrated with your IT, or the refresh of aged equipment we will provide what you need at the price you expect.

Find out we helped Smart Garden Offices Ltd to expand their business and harness The Cloud.

We have also undertaken very complex projects, with some of our existing customers undergoing huge transformations in their IT landscape. Whole scale migrations of systems, applications and platforms that are critical to their organisations with little or no downtime permissible require many man hours of preparation, implementation and commissioning.

Find out we helped Glasgow & Clyde Out of Hours GP Services modernise their entire IT platform for delivering out of hours’ patient care to 1.1 million people.

Keys to a Successful IT Project

Much has been written about, and many studies have been undertaken to ascertain what are the keys to a successful IT project. Almost without exception, the following three factors are the most important keys:

  1. Senior management support
  2. Sound methodology
  3. Technical expertise and relevant experience

We will hand-pick a solution that delivers your commercial needs; is technically sound; implemented properly; and matches your budget. To be honest, that’s pretty easy to do when your IT infrastructure and systems have been designed and implemented correctly from the start.

It is only when you have an array of legacy systems with a host of compatibility issues that the complexity really sky rockets. However, we can still provide you with the right solution for you.


With such complexity the three key factors are vital and we will discuss how ICO Systems focus of these throughout our IT Services delivery.

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