Have you seen this notification?

One of the recent Windows 7 updates included a popup notification. We know lots of people will ‘click to close’, almost on auto-pilot, thinking they will deal with it later.

Is now that time?

Receiving that notification update is optional, so your computer may not remind you, but these changes still apply.

Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in 2015, which meant new features stopped being added, and warranty claims were no longer valid. They have still patched and updated to make sure security issues and bugs are fixed, during the extended support phase, but that will soon end and Windows 7 will enter its End of Life phase on January 14, 2020.

The changes in early 2020 doesn’t mean Windows 7 will stop working – you’ll still be able to use Windows 7 for as long as you want. You’re not going to wake up on January 15 to find your Windows 7 PC no longer responds. However, just because you can continue to use Windows 7 in its End of Life status, it doesn’t mean you should.

The biggest issue with continuing to use Windows 7 is that it won’t be patched for any new viruses or security problems once it enters End of Life, and this leaves you extremely vulnerable to any emerging threats. What’s more, if a large number of people continue to use Windows 7 after the End of Life date, that could actually be a big incentive for malicious users to target viruses and other nasties at Windows 7.

It’s time to act! Right now. Today.

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