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adaptAdapt Limited is an established boutique training consultancy based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Their specialism is in helping other businesses and organisations achieve their corporate and main business goals and objectives through the development of staff, managers and senior executives.


“It is important to have an IT infrastructure that meets the ever changing needs of our clients. Ico Systems listened to our requirements and designed, implemented and support our infrastructure enabling us to deliver flexible and powerful solutions to our clients.” Sharon Abbott, Managing Director, Adapt Training

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  • Save Money
  • Increased Productivty
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Increased Confidence
  • Growth Enabler

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How we did it

When we first discussed Adapt’s requirements it was clear that they had no confidence in the current IT system and suppliers. We felt that not only do we need to deliver a robust, flexible solution for Adapt we also need to build confidence and increase the trust in their systems.

We decided the best approach was to work with Adapt on their current systems over a period of time to really understand their requirements. During this period of time it became apparent that as a boutique training consultancy most days are different and a very flexible approach was needed.

The first element of the solution was to take over their day to day IT support, we implemented our self healing support solution to fix problems before they became a problem, this immediately cut down on the amount of time lost in phone calls to a helpdesk. When they did call we were able to quickly diagnose the issue and fix the problem using our unique reactive support methodology.

“We are so pleased with the smiling face and ‘No Problem’ attitude of Ico Systems Team. It means a lot to us to have a quick and friendly response and fix”.

The second element was to build a stable and reliable back office solution, this included replacing their ageing server with a cloud based system that was able to expand and contract to their needs. This almost overnight reduced further the technical challenges Adapt were facing and allowed Adapt over a very short time frame to increase productivity and reliability within their office environment.

“Having a system that enables us to do what we need to do with little fuss and thought is very important as it allows us to get on with our main job of providing training to our clients”.

The third element was to build a IT platform for Adapt’s training suite that was fast, flexible and easy to use. We again implemented a series of virtual servers and workstations within our Cloud, this enabled us to effectively pre-load images that were specific to a training course. It was important to deliver the solution in such a way that meant we did not have to spend time configuring the virtual servers every time there was a new training course. This was achieved by using a combination of easy to install virtual images and very clear instructions.

“We are very happy with the training suite solution as we can effectively install a completely tailored IT platform for a client in minutes, this has increased our productivity and drastically reduced our reliance on specialist IT help to deliver a course. This in turn has cut our costs”

The project was completed on time and on budget and is supported by us. We feel that our unique self healing support solution coupled with our Cloud solutions were key to being able to not only meet the needs of Adapt but it allows them to really build their business with increased reliability, performance and the ability to quickly deploy new training materials without it costing a fortune.

“Because we have faith that our systems do what they are supposed to do, we are able to spend time growing our business rather than fire fighting. Because of the cost efficient solution Ico System have implemented we have been able to open up new avenues of business and increase our portfolio of courses offered”

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