The first step you need to take in becoming GDPR compliant is to be aware of the data you collect, understand why you collect it, be able to say who is responsible for it and explain where and how it is stored.

Data collection has outgrown the existing rules and GDPR plans remedy that. Most forecasters are predicting a big shift for businesses and it’s important that your business understands the new responsibilities.

Can you answer yes to each of the following?

Do you know what data your company holds?

Do you know where your data is stored?

Do you know how many copies the company holds?

Is there a backup procedure?

Do you know who is responsible for your company’s data?

Is your company data encrypted?

Are you prepared for any data losses?

If you can’t answer yes to each of those questions then you need to start thinking about how you help your company become compliant. Get in touch if you want to make a change.